The Carpenters

No, we’re not really carpenters, though we both love using a nail gun when we have the chance. Nor is this a page full of 70’s folk music. It’s just a little more about the chief writers of this blog to help make your reading experience more pleasurable.

Todd Profile

TODD: I’m a 37 year old guy who’s been a husband to Sarah since 2002 and a dad to four kids, two girls and two boys, ages 10 – 4. I love being outdoors and especially like to hike, mt bike, kayak and play golf. But I don’t really have a ton of time or money to do much of those things because of the above mentioned information about having a wife and four kids. I’ve been with a ministry called Cru for 14 years and have a desire to see men grow spiritually and lead their families well.

SUV portraitJOHN: Turning 40 this year and looking forward to it as I finally have some gray hair to offset my baby face. Married 14 years to my amazing wife Julie, with three kids ages 9-1 (Boy-girl-boy). Reading and biking are my hobbies, but for the last year, with an infant in the home, napping has become my all-out obsession. I also serve with CRU (15 years now) and have an extremely diverse background including working in a civil war era prison, making glass briquettes, working for an orchestra, and teaching in locations like Rwanda and Fiji. Unfortunately, my greatest burden is to make sure I’m happy, comfortable, well-fed, and entertained. After that, it is to see men equipped with tools for leading their families well.

One thought on “The Carpenters

  1. There is so much much about your bios that I resonate with. First and foremost is the passion for seeing men grow and mature and lead their families. I’m also greatly encouraged to see that you guys are excited about outdoor activities, including (but not limited to) biking. I share that passion as well. I’ve even written a bit on how my interest in the outdoors intersects with my interest in discipling my family. You might appreciate it:

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