The Name

Simply put, Noah Gets a Nail Gun is an effort to give men articles, tools, tips, and tidbits that guide you in your quest to lead your family.

Thousands of years ago one man stood alone in the face of an imminent deluge.
Building a boat in a waterless wasteland.
Preparing for rain before rain was  invented.
Acting on Faith when the rest of the culture openly scorned his dedication

But Noah kept pounding the hammer.
He hammered for his family. Even when his family didn’t understand.
He hammered for his community. Even while his neighbors displayed Contempt for his Carpentry.
He hammered to save the world. Though the world rejected his sacrifice.
He hammered for a cause greater than himself.
And he hammered one nail at a time.

Many will not understand why you are building a boat in a desert.
Because it’s counter-cultural to learn to lead your family.

And you don’t have 100 years to build a boat.
You need results now.

And you’re going to need a hand from time to time as you build.
And a nail gun will come in really handy.

This blog is an effort to put that nail gun in your hands.

Because there is nothing manlier than a shortcut.
That and power tools.
And a nail gun fulfills both of these requirements of manliness.

-John and Todd

One thought on “The Name

  1. Guys, it sounds like we are thinking along very similar lines. I’d love to talk with guys sometime about how we can collaborate together on something and encourage one another in the effort to equip fathers.

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