Are You Praying?

It’s been said, “History is in the hands of those who pray.”

Prayer changes things. The passionate prayers of a righteous person accomplish more than we can comprehend, according to James 5:16. The word passionate, or fervent for those of you who read the King James Version, comes from the Greek word deisis, which means an earnest, heartfelt, sincere prayer. It’s coming to God on the most serious terms, strongly asking Him to move and to meet a specific need.

Sorry , don’t know what happened there. Sometimes I slip into the Greek language without warning. I’m better now.

As Will Davis, Jr. says, “History is in the hands of those who pray. If people don’t pray, history defaults to those who don’t love God.”

Think about this. You can influence history for your wife, for your kids, for yourself, for others, for our nation, simply by praying. What an opportunity!

As believers, prayer is the most powerful weapon we have in our arsenal. With all the evil Satan is unleashing we have to be covering our families. Prayers like, “Help Johnny have a fun day at school” are fine, but it’s the deisis prayers we are after…the earnestly going to God prayers that they need to be covered in. We’re in the middle of an epic war. We need to pray like a soldier who’s about to land in the middle of the gun battle. I doubt his prayer is “God, allow me to have a fun day.” You can imagine how passionate his prayer would be as he drops into the heart of the battle and hears the crackling of gunfire and the bullets whizzing by his head. That’s the mindset we need when praying for ourselves and families.

If you need a little jump start, here are some things I pray for my four kids and their future spouses:

That they would be protected from any type of sexual harm – violence done against them by an adult, from a curious friend, from an aggressive boyfriend or girlfriend – when they start dating (and thankfully they’re not there yet), from hearing anything sexually explicit from friends and from pornography. I pray they would remain pure until their wedding day and come into that moment free from any scars or hurt.

I pray Luke 2:52 over them which says Jesus grew in stature and wisdom and in favor with God and man. There’s not much greater than having the favor of God on you. I want my kids to know God in that way and be in a place where they can receive His favor on their lives.

I also pray they would have the same spirit of wisdom in them that Solomon had in him (1 Kings 3:9). I want them to have understanding and knowledge of the Bible and use that to point people to Jesus.

King David had a heart that was sold out to God. He desired a deep, intimate relationship with Him. I pray my kids would also have a heart that longs to know God and the things of God.

I then pray they would have strength and courage (Joshua 1). They are going to need both of these things to get through every day.

There are other things I pray for them. I also like to find verses and pray God’s Word over them. When you combine passionate prayers with the Word of God it’s even more wildly powerful.

If you’ve not been a dad who prays very often or very passionately over his kids, let me encourage you to start right now and make it your top priority each day. Don’t let your kids walk out of your house without having shielded them in prayer. As Jesus said to the 72 disciples as they returned after having gone out “I saw Satan fall like lighting from heaven. I have given you authority over all the power of the Enemy.” This is what prayer will do.

Be a history maker through prayer…pray passionately for your wife, kids, your marriage and family. And that’s just the beginning! Pray for friends, neighbors, people you work with, people you don’t really like, and pray for our nation. Our world needs men willing to answer the call to be prayer warriors. I hope you will join the fight!


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