Nice Save Dad

dad saving kid

Found this gem a few days ago. It was taken at a MLB spring baseball game on Sunday. Couple observations:

This boy was close to having a mouth full of teeth replaced with a mouth full of wood.

Another great reason why people shouldn’t be on cell phones during live events, especially a baseball game when someone is up to bat.

The dad’s forearms are bigger than mine.

The kid had no idea his face was inches away from being rearranged.

This dad is doing what he’s supposed to be doing: Protecting his family.

I’ll give credit to the guy in the front row. He may have just been trying to get out of the way but he’s looking like he was actually trying to stop the bat. Maybe the camera caught him just at the right time looking like he was trying to stop it, but everyone else is ducking for cover…self preservation. But not Dad! He’s paying attention, he sees danger, and instead of ducking out of the way himself and letting Jr. take the barrel of the bat in the mandible, he jumps into action, blocks the speeding death stick and saves his son from who knows what kind of injuries.

This is what we’re suppose to do as dads! We protect our families. We need to be on the look out for danger – both physical and spiritual dangers. We need to be ready at a moment’s notice to step in front and take the flying object so our wife and kids don’t get hit.

Don’t be afraid to do something unpopular with your kids if you sense it’s not in their best interest. There’s a lot of evil lurking in our world today and it’s our job to stay connected to the Holy Spirit so that our radars are up at all times to alert us of danger. They may not understand why you’re throwing your arm in their face but you could be saving them from taking a bat between the eyes. They’ll look back and appreciate what you’ve done.

As a dad – Stand strong, be alert and be ready at a moment’s notice to defend.

Here’s a quick news story about “The Save” if you have an extra two minutes!


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